Now I Know

December 1, 2008
By Basma Shaham, Fairfield, CT

It all happened in one instant. Inhale, exhale, jump, and crack. That’s all that was done. I did the biggest mistake of my life.
It was a brutal, windy, October morning. It was 7:35 a.m. and the sun was just about rising. We were approaching it. Everyone had already done it. My friends, my brother, and the neighborhood gang. Except me. I didn’t know what it felt like, but the grass was damp and my pants were long enough to brush against it, and I was wearing the cutest shoes. In order for me to not get my pants and shoes wet was to do it. My heart was thudding hard. Almost exploding out of me. There was a clog in my throat; the one you can never cough out. I looked up at it, climbed up, and stared down at Francisca, Santos, Darlene, and Fayez [my brother]. And we were already 5 minutes late to school.
“Come on jump already,” Francisca called up, grinning, as I sat there terrified.
“It’s too high, I’m scared something will happen,” I yelled back with a shake in my voice.
“Just do it we’re already late to school, or are you too chicken,” Santos called up laughing.

I got furious; I wanted to show him I can do it. I jumped, there was nothing stopping me. I never got the chance till now. Inhale, exhale, jump, crack. Something that changed my life. I took the risk, and did it. I made the wrong decision. I wasn’t wise enough to understand. I jumped off the wall. But what really got to me was that I heard a cracking noise when I landed. I was alarmed. I wasn’t crying but it tormented me to walk the rest of the walk to school. I remained in extreme pain till period 7. Then I thought it was enough. I limped to the nurse, dragging my injured foot behind me.
“What did you do,” she questioned.
“I jumped off the wall on the way to walking to school,” I replied.
“Well you shouldn’t have because your ankle is inflamed,” she said.

I examined my ankle and I could see that it was swollen big time. It looked like someone stuffed it with a rock. My eyes widened to the farthest point. I called my mom seven times, she wouldn’t pick up. I knew she was in college and she would be out by one, it was only 12:04. I sat in the nurse’s office for 56 minutes. Until my mother finally called back and came flying here from Housatonic.
“What happened,” she exclaimed.
“I think she might have broken it but I’m not very sure,” she said worried.

I glared up at them. My mother and I rushed to the doctor’s office. He said that it was definitely broken. So, my mother and I had to go to Shelton because that was the only office that was open. She patched me up with a half cast sort of thing, and she gave me crutches. That’s when eye shed a tear that rolled down my cheek and into the corner of my mouth, creating a streak on my cheek. I rubbed it away before anyone could witness it. Too late Mommy already spotted it. She gave me a big hug and said that it was going to be okay. I certainly didn’t think that because I didn’t know how to use crutches. But eventually I got over it, besides it was kind of easy to crutch.

Since that day I had been wiser not to do stupid things, and make better decisions. Don’t get sucked into peer pressure like I did. Don’t make doltish decisions.

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