politics an teens

November 28, 2008
By Erika Taylor, Pomona, CA

Polotics an teens, Every kid hears at least one thing about polotics at school or by thier parents everyday or at least once. For me, its a subject i feel strongly about. I think that this is as important to young teens as it is to adults. My opioion though is a whole different story. I think that for change we need to make a difference ourselves instead of sitting back an hoping for a day where everything will go smoothly an we will have nothing to worry about. I feel that the ecomony is something we need to fix as much as i say that i'm so glad we no longer hav george bush as our president anymore. I think we made a huge mistake in the 2000 election especially. I saw a documentry on Al Gore just last week in the middle of biolgy. It sent a message to me it said "we need change, an we need it bad." I thought myself that everything would go for the better, but i have thought about a lot lately. Global warming especialy, we are in the middle of something more horrid then ever expected. Something we have no choice, but to fix because if we don't then there will be nothing left and do we really want that? Everyone has an opioion though an this is just mine. I have my mind set on change an i feel that i will not change my opioion till something is being done about it. I feel that we need control, we need some common ground. We neec a lot in just general. Population control as well has the world really come to a point where we almost have no room to even walk, to a point where people can't hear themselves think. My feelings on children are why would i bring a child into this world if i'm not truely sure they will have a future in it? What i'm really wondering though is are there anyone else out there my age who is worried about the same thing? Or am I the only teenaged girl who is worried about our furture? Come to think about it even more there are some adults out there who won't even venture on this topic, much less think about it. These are my words an i feel they need to be heard.

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