A Day Of Silence,

November 27, 2008
By Erin Berry, Normal, IL

The day started out promising. I handed my dad a letter explaining what I was doing. He told me it was absolutely amazing that I was so dedicated to something, and that I was actually standing up for what I believe in.

But school made it really hard. All the weird stares, the awkward glances, the people pointing and laughing, trying to make me talk, and me not wanting to explain to them what I was doing, because I knew they would just try to make me talk. And I didn't want to deal with it. But honestly, I'd do it again, no second thoughts.

Second hour spanish was a problem though. My teacher thought it was silly. Thought I was just trying to be an obnoxious teenager. She told me to take the tape off, and I'd have to deal with talking in her class. She told me that as a student, it was my job to talk, and I just needed to get over whatever silly thing I was trying to do. She would even read any of the sheets I had printed off. Then, she made fun of me for it, in front of the entire class, and even some of the other classes. And honestly, to me, that's just wrong and disrespectful. I was truly and honestly attempting to stand up for something I believe in, BY MYSELF, and she brushed it off like I was doing something stupid. Which is just apalling and rude, especially in a Catholic school. Especially against something strong.

The rest of the day was better, but I honestly couldn't handle the pointing and laughing. People were pissing me off way to much. They couldn't even take one moment of their lives to consider what I was doing. Let alone ask. They didn't care. All they saw was some freak with duct tape across her mouth, with the word LIFE on it. And so I flipped. I screamed at one kid, and *he smacked me across the face. I was so shocked, I ran away crying. It was terrible. I can't believe that that happened, yet I'm glad it did. I know how people will react. And you can count on me doing this again.

And yes, I know the point of the day was to NOT talk, but this kid, honestly, he just was hurting me so badly, that it brought me to the point of screaming at him. I just couldn't handle it. And yes, I wish I wouldn't have, but I did. End of story.

*I will not reveal this boys name. Yes, he hurt me. Yes, he hit me. And he's already dealt with the consequences.

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fyi123 said...
on Feb. 11 2009 at 3:35 am
u need to develop ur ideas, and actually seem like u kno wat ur talking about. uve got a good topic, but its lacking. it seems like ur ranting.. if u want to do that, keep it for the blogs. develop, commit.


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