Stop the War And Violance

November 27, 2008
By Demetra PLATINUM, Coupeville, Washington
Demetra PLATINUM, Coupeville, Washington
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almost everyday inisint people are sent out to war!
They are sent to fight for our freedom,Life.
Also,they are their to fight our leaders prombloms for them,With Violance?
why should our people be sent out to fight out their prombloms?
Why should all the people we love be sent out and die,just because the leaders werent man enough to solve their own prombloms.We need to stop the war! there is no point to it! do we make prombloms?no! in the words of Johny 5 (singer of flobots) "We the people did not want war" Exactly! WE didnt want to fight! WE have better ways to solve our prombloms!
Yes we need leaders to help us through the rough paths! but we dont need war to make the paths rougher!
Stop this never ending fight! Why cant we all just love eachother? thats what i always say! If only one of our cowered leaders couldint stop sending out soldeirs to stop and say That exact thing! Think if only 1 leader including ours just stoped.
Just stopped sending people out!and kept people in! They say a threat for a threat leaves the whole world terrifyed!
Then just think what a Simple action could do for this world! I watched the Onion Movie a couple months ago!
and their was this one part wheir this guy stood up and spoke! he spoke about how if we put our three leaders in one room and let them fight it out! what would happen? now they showed a clip of what the pros and cons would be!
Now i dont recomend this movie for children! but on the other hand! what would happen if we put the three leaders in a room or just a big land and let them fight it out? then the could see after they were done they could look around and see
what they cause when they send their soldeirs out! all the pain the worry! if only they saw what they were causing.Maybe just maybe we could stop the violence! because i know that for however bad of a person you are, God will forgive you if you make a kind act! so i will forgive! I know that down inside their is a part in each of those leaders that want to stop but are to afraid so if we bring that part out and give it a boost? we can STOP THE WAR! STOP THE VIOLANCE!!!!

The author's comments:
I Dont Want Any of you to make any verbal or physical actions after reading this! i just want you to be inspired.Inspired to write more of these! spread the Love! Peace!

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on Jan. 26 2009 at 7:31 pm
this voice is felt by so many, and it should be heard...this is the fabulous voice of our future...the article was passionate and heartfelt....well done!

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