Avoid Dangerous Situations?

January 12, 2009
By kirk thommesen, Oconomowoc, WI

Your walking down the street minding your own business when all of a sudden you see a robber run into a gas station, rob, shoot and kill the clerk. But what could you have done? People are not expected to obviate a terrible situation like this in today’s society. Why? Because we are told from a young age to avoid guns/dangerous situations from our parents. Not to help out or stand up for someone but to actually avoid and run away from the completely sporadic situations that could potentially cause bodily injury.

Besides the point of us being brought up to run away from dangerous situations we are also quite lax people. Chilling, having fun with not a care in the world until the day we do come across this situation. Most of us not having military training or any other experience that naturally give us the ability to make quick rash decisions are typically left defenseless. Then eventually after the gruesome act we are usually so stunned that we do nothing until enough time eventually elapses by that the victim is dead or permanently affected.

Civilians typically believe that situations like this will never happen to them when we really all know that their is always a chance one of those completely gruesome lurid scenes from a CSI shows could very well happen to you. Especially in there own home. Because we spend so much time at home we always believe that home is the safest place to be. When in reality if a person was planning a horrid act to do to you they are most likely to come to your domicile and get you there.

So would you act out of the society’s norm of running away from these situations or would you be the hero that sticks around and tries to help? Think about it long and hard and be meticulous… it may be your last.

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