Just the Average Day

January 12, 2009
By Jacob Gepner, Hartland, WI


The tone goes off. You must now wake up, leave your utopia, and go to your next class; the class full of fractious students, whom you can’t stand. You pick up your backpack and exit the room. On the way to class you try to expunge woozy feeling you have from your truncated nap. You rub your eyes and look around, focusing on the other students around you; students all dressed up in flamboyant, jaunty clothes. You don’t understand. Why do they feel it is so important to wear ostentatious clothes, shoes, and jewelry? Do they think they will be “cool” or “popular” if they do so? Why do so many students judge people by their clothes or belongings, instead of actually getting to know someone?


That’s the second tone. You are now in your seat, ready for class to begin. This class is an anathema to you. You aren’t acquaintances with any others in the class, nor do you want to be. You saw several of these same students the night before, doing drugs and planning to rob a convenient store. You are timorous to get to know them—would they try to bait you into their “group” or would you be their next victim of their acts of stupidity? The thought of being involved with this is not appealing to you. You would rather leave the social schism between you.


Finally, that class is over—time for lunch. You sit in your spot at the table amongst your friends. One of your friends says something about a passing student…something about their attire. You realize this is the attitude you were thinking about earlier; how they are quick to judge others by their appearance, not their personality. Do you do the same? Has this attitude engulfed you, too? You wonder what if people were not so superficial. What if they didn’t judge by belongings or social status? Wouldn’t this world be a better place?

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