January 12, 2009
By Carly Jackson, Sussex, WI

The transmission of dynamic or static images, generally with accompanying sound, via electric or electromagnetic signals: television ( Cell phones, iPods, televisions, and lap tops are ubiquitous. The world is being inundated with technology. As time passes, we advance more quickly. Technological discoveries are made daily. Comprehensive technology scientists are zealous about creating more electronic gadgets and more technological opportunities. Television has helped bind our nation and our world, but too many Americans are allowing T.V. to hinder their productivity throughout life.

According to the article “Television and Health,” the average American will spend nine years of their life watching T.V. Educational programs are beneficial, but children and adults spend too much time viewing garbage. For six and a half hours a day, the average American has a T.V. on in their home (“Television and Health”). All other activities can be garbled when a portion of a person’s focused on a T.V. show in the next room.

Experts notice poignant affects on children who watch hours of T.V. each day. They notice more obesity in these children. Some experts have even observed phlegmatic behavior among children ages four to six who watch two or more hours of television a day. They are unexcited and sluggish when they haven’t sat in front of the T.V. screen for a while.

Although technology has brought our world closer, it has also managed to pull us out of our current lives and into cyber space too often. T.V. has detrimental affects on too many Americans. Sanguine people provide hope. Technology will help us more than hurt us. Some changes need to be made in engagement in activities like T.V. watching, but technological advancements are beneficial to our world.

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