why is school is important

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

School is important because people need to learn the history of our world to prevent a big war from happening. People know how to read and write if they stay in school and learn the basics of reading and writing. If everybody quit school we would not have a very good government. If people quit school then they would not know how to vote and elect a Governor.

Now if there were a president that didn't know how to read or write. Then we would be in trouble because he would probably send us to war and he would not know what he had done.

If people still went to school we would not go to war over stupid stuff and we would live a lot longer then, if we didn't go to school, we would not know how to work or get a job. It would be like we didn't have a sun because we would not survive with out it, then the animals would take over the planet

We need school to learn the important things in life. We

need to have people to make the medicines for they can help us out in life. We would not have to repeat any of the things that happened in the past because we can die if any of the other countries do what we did to them. That's why we need to stay in school. So we can stop the wars that will happen in the future.

What else would we be doing if we didn't go to school? Would we be able to go to the moon if we didn't have school for astronauts? Would we be able to fix the ship if it didn't work? So that's why it important to go to school.

what if there was no one to fly the airplanes to get supplies to our country? Would we die or would we survive if there was no one to get us food or fresh water what would happen to us? Will there be people that would still go to school secretly? Would those people that go to school to secretly help us out or just do nothing.

School is like the sun because we need it in life and it can help us out in the future. If we didn't have school we would not have a good government and it would crash. We would not know how to run the machines to make food and pants and T-shirt and other things. We would not have any cars and people would not know how to write and read. People would not get their driver license then we would not go places.

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