Warmer, colder

January 12, 2009
By Noah k, Chelsea, MI

Dear Mrs. MCcalla

I stay up to late. Rather its two o’clock in the morning or three, I seem to always be up. I think I need to change this because if I have wake up early the next morning, like for school it’s really hard to.
I have to make warm or cold decisions all the time like if I want to stay up and watch T.V or go to bed. Sometimes I make the cold decision and sometimes I make the warm decision and sometimes I don’t know what to do. Lately I’ve been trying to make the warm decision and go to bed early.
A big warm or cold decision came Saturday night a friend of my family friends came over that is about my older brothers age he lived in Boston and had to go back in a few days so I would not have a lot of time left to hang out with him.
It all happened when Me my older brother and my friend where playing cards and we just finished a game and it was about twelve thirty at night. I had the choice to play another long game with them or go to bed. As they were both staring at me asking me if I wanted to play another game I just blankly stared at my cards weighing my options knowing that if I went to bed then I would feel better in the morning. But if I didn’t I would be up for a longer time and would feel bad in the morning. That’s when I had made up my mind. I snapped out of my daze and announced I was going to bed.

Sincerely, Noah

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