That Night

January 10, 2009
By DannieJ. BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
DannieJ. BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
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It was like a game, that night. That one night I was persuaded into playing a risky game. A bad, but amusing game. To me, it was something that gave me an electrical feeling, something that made me feel important and cool. Everyone was doing it. They all appeared to be pleasant at that moment. Me, I have to say, I kept hearing those voices telling me that I was wrong. That I was doing something that would end badly. But how could I stop? If I did I would be embarrassing myself greatly! Look! I looked around the room as I kept wavering on leaving, and staying….leaving or staying…. “Mollie?” Vance said waving his hand in my face. I looked at his blankly. “C’mon Mollie, lighten up! Come on, enjoy the party.”
“Sure, its just, I feel like if maybe….just maybe….”
“Well stop it!” He snapped annoyed. He took my hand taking me aside. It was hard to hear him over the loud, boisterous music, and all the guffawing teens. People kept bumping into us and I started to feel extremely claustrophobic. “Girl, I took you with me, ‘cause I thought you were cool and stuff….”
“Vance, you are making this so hard! You know that I don’t usually go off and party without my parents knowing, or sneak into someone’s house when their parents aren’t home….” I rubbed my head gulping nervously. “What if we aren’t doing the right thing? What if what we are doing will bring about a bad consequence? I mean, did your parents say that won’t be home soon? Because your house….it is….” I looked about the crowded living room. When I turned my head, I could see groups of teens crowding into the den and the kitchen. And I was almost sure some of them were upstairs. Let me tell you this, I did tell my parents that I would be out with Vance. The unfortunate part is, I didn’t exactly elaborate on where I would be. Plus, I didn’t tell them that he would be doing something that he would later regret. If I did, they would have declined my request on stepping into his wild house. However, he was able to persuade me into lying, which I was starting to feel ill about every time I thought about it. “Listen Mollie, this is like a game,” he kept repeating to me as we stepped into the crowded den. “We are buying ourselves into being popular. This will definitely bring us some attention now. Haven’t you been aching for that, girl? Some popularity for a change?”
“A game.” I repeated under my breath unsure. If this was a game, then why was I feel a bit anxious about it? If this was a game, then was this going to end with everyone laughing with joy? Sad to say, before I could continue my deep thoughts, Vance began to dance. The music was blasting throughout the room. Temptation was lurking throughout the rooms entangling me in his dirty grasps. Ugh! I looked about the room. Everyone seemed to be having fun. Look at me! I seemed pretty downcast. So, shouldn’t I just join in? I thought as I began to sway to the music. My whole body began to become possessed by the music. I couldn’t help but move with Vance to the beat. The fast beat penetrated throughout me. I could feel myself feel energized by what I was doing. Was I really becoming popular? Vance was sure of it. He and I danced to the music laughing; soon the voice started to fade away. They kept yelling, but their voices seemed far away. For a second, I could feel fear enter my mind and heart. Was I in danger? My heavy thoughts vanished as quick as they appeared, when Vance took me into the hallway. It was the only free place. We weren’t the only ones trying to break free from the wild crowd. There were a few others, talking, chatting softly. Vance looked at me, he looked at me with his small brown eyes smiling. My heart throbbed fast sending a warm feeling pulsing throughout my body. He was indeed captivating. Each time he looked at me, I was dazzled by his cute smile, and the way his eyes gleamed. I could feel my face blush as I looked into his eyes. We just looked at each other then around the room. He began to caress my cheeks laughing softly. “Have I finally convinced you that I was right.” He remarked teasingly. “Or must I persuade you more.”
“I don’t know.” I replied, my voice quavering a bit. I was shaking mildly because of the gentle touch on my cheek. Gulping in a deep breath of air, I looked at the clock. It was late. Soon, I would have to run home lying about how much fun I had with Vance at the movies. “But you have to admit, you are one bad boy.”
“But if it makes me important, then it is worth it.”
“Why are you so bent up about being popular! You are popular to me! I think you are everything!” He gave me an amused look as I bit my lip embarrassed. “You are more than everything to me.” He told me in a passionate voice. “Mollie, I don’t know if you are aware of this, but….but I love you. I do.” He leaned in closer to me placing both his hands on my cheeks. “And I would never do something to get you into too much trouble, I promise you that.” Before I could answer him, or argue the point, he leaned in to kiss me. For that moment, I felt like the most happiest girl on earth! Oh, how I wished that moment could have lasted forever! Oh I would have flown into the trees and I would have felt like the most ecstatic teen on earth! However, unfortunately, the minute my eyes opened, I witnessed something that’ll change my outlook on life for eternity. Everything occurred so fast. There was no way I could prevent it from happening. Groups of wild teens stormed around the house chortling with glass bottles in their trembling hands. Vance released my cheeks glaring at this with horror. A group of guys stumbled over to him with a bottle grasped in his shaking grip. “Your folks,” he replied in a slurred, wet tone, “Have some tasty….stuff….” he took in a deep breath trying to concentrate on the bottles name. But he was so intoxicated, that he couldn’t see well at all. He actually managed to drop the bottle creating a big mess on the carpet. Just as Vance was fussing about the mess on the carpet, he was about to wail for the other. A bunch of mental teens blasted up the music level and cheered as two drunk guys wrestled in the den. It was a nasty fight. Its not the ones you see at the typical party. They had each other’s neck, and arms….not only that, but there was indeed blood splattered on the carpet. Both of their noses seemed to be officially deformed, and their mouths were filled with blood. “Vance, you have to stop them!” I cried frightened.
“I…I…” He stammered watching with horrified. He was definitely stuck in a distasteful situation. What could he do? Now he would have to face his consequence. They began to bump into the furniture damaging it horribly. Screams began to fill the room as teens fled from the fight. Just as that was elevating, a burnt smell was brushing pass the hall. I ran to the kitchen. A fire was coming out of the stove. I glared terrified as a couple of guys laid on the floor watching it with surprise. With quick movements, I rushed over to the sink filling a cup with water. Hurriedly, I killed the fire. All was left was a sooty, injured stove. A stove that may never work the same again. Vance startled me as I walked back into the hallway with a slight headache. “I never thought this would arise from having a party!” He wailed shaking me vehemently. “How do I fix this up! Those guys are causing a turmoil, there seemed to be a fire in the kitchen and who knows what the other’s are doing upstairs!” I bit my lip eyeing Vance with pity. This night had been planned by him. He expected it to turn out perfect. But unfortunately bad deeds, never give you a good ending. Me, I felt extremely rueful for even coming! Things started to go downhill from there. I could hear wine bottles being thrown everywhere and soon it sounded like if the music player was broken. The house became silent. “C’mon Vance! Can’t cha fix it?” One guy retorted angrily. Unfortunately, the stereo was now damaged. That was another thing that he would have to explain to his parents about. However, fortunately, everyone began to leave at that. As they left, the mess began to be revealed. Standing horrified, we glared at the retched living room, at the war zone den, and the kitchen was simply a horror town. We both thought it was all over. I was just going to the kitchen to get the trash bags. But, we were just feeling the soft effects. Loud noises came from outsides. Fireworks! A couple of drunk guys set off a couple of fireworks, not only disturbing the piece, but…..
One of the fireworks slammed into Vance’s house window crashing into the den. A fire started to work up. We ran, searching for the fire extinguisher. Ugh! “Where is it!” I hollered throwing open each cabinet. I eyed the phone. Oh, I knew that I would have to do this! We needed help! I was just about to pick up the phone, when loud, screeching sirens filled the location. I rushed to the scene. Cops, and firemen were all outside. The fire was being dwelt with, and the teens, including Vance and I, were getting an examination by the cops. “We have been getting phone calls saying that there has been disturbances of peace, and that there was something wrong going on inside this house.” He nodded as he saw that almost every teen was intoxicated. “Good thing I came.” He grumbled stepping inside the house. Vance and I followed.
“This is my place, sir.” He explained wincing as the poor condition of the house was being revealed to the cop.
“Not kept very clean.” The cop reprimanded him. He rubbed his chin scanning the two of us. “Where are you two parents?” He inquired sternly. I gulped feeling faint. This was the worst night of my life! Why was I stupid enough to listen to Vance’s stupid idea? “Well,” I gulped feeling nauseous. I took a deep breath. All was explained to the cop. He went to action calling both of our parents. My eyes filled with tears. My stomach churned with regret. I was frightened! I was terrified! How could I be so stupid! I kept thinking to myself that I would never do something so rash in my life ever again. Vance and I sat on the front steps silent, waiting that dark, cold night for our parents. We kept passing each other rueful, plus apologetic glances. It wasn’t long until my parents silver SUV pulled up…..

The author's comments:
Hey, . Writing is my official, and favorite hobby. I hope to have it as my career when I am older. I chose to write that story because I feel like teens try to become popular by giving into peer pressure. And when adults tell us, some of us tend to not take it to heart. But to read about what can happen could really open the eyes of teens. I also hope you enjoy it.

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