Happiness in Life

January 9, 2009
By Sarah Nagy, Hartland, WI

It seems as though people are always trying to achieve total happiness in life. Some factors that are associated with happiness are health, family, friends, money, and love. Mistakes and let downs are suppose to cause people to be upset, and therefore not happy. I agree with those factors and I am also trying to achieve happiness, but use my mistakes as potential happiness builders. I believe that if I live my life everyday to the fullest, I am always happy.

What I mean by using my mistakes as potential happiness builders is that when something goes wrong in my life, it makes me appreciate the good things. If everything was perfect and I was always 100% happy, would I truly be happy? I don’t believe that perfection means happiness. In order to know what the best things in life are and how to appreciate them, one must realize how to overcome the harmful things. I could not be possibly be as happy as I am if my life was perfect. Of course, just like everybody else, my life is not perfect but I am extremely happy with the life I have lived so far and I love to experience everyday with the best possible attitude.

Just being alive and being surrounded with those whom I love, makes me happy everyday. It is known that if one is satisfied emotionally, they will feel better on the outside physically and vise-versa. Magazines and other media are always telling us how to be happy on the inside and out, but we have to learn how to do so on our own in order for true happiness. I like to learn for myself and experience the good and bad parts of life.

“If you’re going through hell keep on going, don’t slow down. If you’re scared don’t show it. You might get out before the devil even knows you’re there.” This is my favorite verse of a Rodney Atkins song called “If you’re going through hell.” It isn’t my favorite because he is a very good singer, but because it is true. If someone were to give up during a hard time, things may just get worse. Instead of giving up, it would be best to keep going through life with the best possible attitude and in the end; happiness could be achieved from the experience.

Life is a cycle and in order to keep a positive cycle, one needs to be happy. If the happiness were to break, a bad attitude comes in and things can end up going down hill. Happiness matters to me a lot because it is a simple word, but very complex situation. There are so many ways to achieve happiness and so little time to live everyday to the fullest; therefore, I like to follow the sang and live everyday as if it were my last.

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