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January 5, 2009
By randomwriter1 BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
randomwriter1 BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
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There have been multiple unnecessary genocides and wars throughout the world in the past years of existence. One of the most well known genocides was the Holocaust. Elie Wiesel is a survivor of the Holocaust and wrote what he experienced in his memoir, Night. The Holocaust happened from the late 1930’s and went to the mid 1940’s. Elie Wiesel wrote Night to spread word about what he went through during the Holocaust. He is a survivor who tells his story hoping to prevent similar actions in the future. The book Night is still relevant because people all over the world need to open their eyes and realize what is happened and what is still going on today. Night helps the world because when knowledge of horrifying events, that can be prevented, is spread, then the past will not be repeated in the future.

Every generation should be told of these events as soon as they are old enough to understand to help impress in their minds about preventing these happenings. There are some people to believe the Holocaust was all a hoax and it never really happened. Maybe they just want to forget about the Holocaust or maybe they really believed it did not happen, but there is proof that this mass genocide did. Old concentration and extermination camp ruin still exist around the world today. Auschwitz, an extermination camp, has been turned into a museum remembering the Holocaust. SS officers and American officers took pictures to show this event. The pictures were taken for different reasons, but nevertheless, they prove this mass genocide is no hoax.

Some people are uncomfortable talking about the Holocaust and what happened during it because of all the horrible things Hitler and his Nazis did to others. Survivors should share their stories and memories of the Holocaust to help our younger generations prevent these things from happening in the future. There are a few survivors who do not like to tell their past because they do not want to recount on their experiences. People should write their past in a journal or book, such as Elie Wiesel did with Night, so we can read and learn about their experiences. This way we know what people have been through and we also realize that in the future no one should live this way and there needs to be peace.

Survivors of the Holocaust and other genocides are the people who can help determine the future peace in the world. By sharing their memories, better understanding is spread and people realize that the reasons for all the genocides that have existed are ridiculous. If they can start that prevention our generation and the generations to come can continue it. When that happens, then there, hopefully, would be less war, genocides and holocaust in everyday lives. The world would run smoother and there could be more diverse cultures inside countries all over Earth.

People will be affected by what happens in the future that is why everyone should start caring and preventing genocides today. If only everyone could read the book Night and see what Elie Wiesel went through and realize millions of other people had to experience and witness the Holocaust. There were also millions of people that were murdered. Night helps prove to disbeliever that the Holocaust was really and did take place. It also spreads an amazing understanding of how people in concentration and extermination camps lived every single day for many years. People need to learn what happens in events, such as the ones in Night, so they can be prevented in the futures of the generations to come.

The author's comments:
As you have read in the piece, it is inspired by the book, Night, written by Elie Wiesel. It also deals with ways the people of today can help our world prevent more mass genocides.

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