The Friend

January 1, 2009
By Anonymous

We used to be the best of friends.
Are Laughs, are Joy
Then one day it came to the end.
Are moments, are shares of laughs.
It all just blew up into a million of flames.
Why? How?
The insults were horror
And it was like I didn’t know her
How could she call me this
I never did anything to her
We haven’t talked for 5 months
I never thought we would be friends again
No one to call, When I had serious problems
Will we ever be friends again?
A month later passed
I got a message
It was an apology
Oh how I was surprised
I was gladly to accept it
But still don’t know why.
Are friendship is growing stronger
Like a flame, on a burning candle
I just hope it don’t burn out

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