Help ThoSe in Need !

December 26, 2008
By Skylah Guntley, Bronx, NY

I was 9 at the time .... it was almost Christmas eve and I was disturbed by something. I realized that the something i was disturbed by was looking outside my window as poor people struggle in the cold and that they dont get something for christmas . So i went to my mother and asked her " where do poor people send thier wish list?" she answered at the post office . So i told her how i felt and what i think we should do which was check what they wrote they wanted for christmas and what address they put that they usally stay on . Then the day my mom was off we went to the post office and did what we promised to do and then went on a shopping wish spree the next day and every single poor person that had made a wish list that we found got something and ever since the we have been doing that all these years . I am happy we did it !

The author's comments:
I have an amazing personality and i love to help others so this was to show how much care more people should have for the world/.

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