Self reliance

December 26, 2008
Dear winter

It’s now the month of October and everyone is getting ready for the cold weather. And girls are getting ready for fashions shows and beauty pageants that are happening in our areas. I’ve lived in Houston Texas all my life, I have two best friends, and no one can split us apart we are like sisters for god sake. People usually say I’m not your regular average teenage girl. I never take no for an answer, everything has to go my way; I get what I want, when I want and how I want it. I love to model anything dealing with fashion is my thing. I love to go shopping I can go every weekend. But there’s one problem, My Aunts daughter, her name is Austin she is such a mess. Everything I do she wants to do, anything I want she wants. She is such a copy cat and beggar.
It all stared last winter when her mom was called a way on her job, her mom and mom is so diligent with their work they never have enough time to spend with us.
So ridiculous right! But anyways when she comes over to stay a night are weekend are what ever she have no respect. So her mom left to go to New York and Austin comes over all excited. Hey Ashley says Austin, Hey Austin I replies. We go up to my room and started talking about boys and the latest fashion shows. I like your room and your sense of style, you can dress your butt off! You should do your own fashion show and give it a name. Well that’s a lot of work; I tell you what I would think about it. So later on that night Austin comes to my Mother and tells her that I’m thinking about starting my own fashion show. In my mind I’m like, did I ever say that? What is she doing! Why would she do such a thing? I leave to take my bath for the night, It takes at lease forty five minutes just take a shower. So after I was done I was thinking that maybe Austin has feel asleep it was so quiet in the house. But as I was walking down the hall I hard noise, maybe that was just my dog Max’s. So I was entering the room I seen some of my personal stuff push around and move. So I look to my left and there I saw Austin with my clothing on even my under clothes, Um Hello I said Austin jumps like she seen a monster. O I was just looking around for some socks sorry for the mess. Well can you explain to me how you was just looking for some socks and you have my shirt and shorts and plenty more. O Ashley you can’t get mad we’re cousins. “So much for self reliance” I’m going to bed now says Austin. I was so Mad I didn’t no what to do, so I called my best friends.
Hi can I speak to Amy are Jordan? Hey This Jordan what’s up, Girl I need help!
Help with what? (Ask Jordan) Okay my cousin comes over to spend the night and she has been through all my clothes and stuff she even been through my personal stuff. And that’s not cool at all. Girl what! That’s so disrespectful girl I would have told her something. You no what see how long it will last and then tell her something. I think that’s what I’m a do Alright girl love you! Says Jordan. Love you to I replies. A week passed and Austin have been digging and taking stuff with out asking. So I thought for a moment, maybe if I talk to her and tell how I feel maybe she would understand. So I called Austin up the stairs and told her I had to talk to her about her behavior that’s been happening for the pass week. So I said to her, Austin how you would feel if some one came to your house and use your tooth brush with out asking. That’s just nasty she yells I would be very upset and mad! They have no respect for me or for my stuff. Well Austin that’s how I feel, what are you talking about I never used your tooth brush! Well not exactly it’s my other stuff like my personal stuff clothing and shoes. I kind of felt like you gave me no respect for my clothes are anything. I’m so sorry Ashley I really didn’t no you felt that way the only reason why I felt like it was no problem because we are cousins, so I thought it was alright. But I’m very very truly sorry I will ask for now on. I took a deep breath and let some air out, All that time I thought she was going to get mad are not talk to me are even argue. But she understood me It only took me to say something to her about the behavior, It was a major problem to me and I fixed it. And for that day forward I had no problem with her coming over to spend the night, she was so respectful to me and my things. So winter when you come back around I think it would be a good year, because Austin has learned self reliance and self reliance have changed her.


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