December 25, 2008
By Kirsten Dorsey, Cunmberland, RI

Friendship is supposed to last forever,
Friendship is the reason life is full of color,
isn't it?
Silly times and crazy pictures, all the insiders, thats what makes life fun,
of course it is.
But what happens when a great friendship finally ends?
What happens when something so strong finally breaks under pressure?
Is that it?
Is there no way of fixing it?
All the stupid fights, there tough, but aren't we supposed to push past them?
Well, what about when you can't?
What about when it gets to hard to handle, to hard to deal with.
When a friendship ends its like a strong bride finally crumbling to the ground with the weight of 1 million cars
When a friendship ends, it hurts more than one person.
So why did it end?
What was the point?
What did it accomplish?

The author's comments:
This was written after a fight with my best friend. I hope you all enjoy it.

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