The Strength to Carry Me

December 20, 2008
By Yasmin G., Austin, TX

Whoosh,Crash,the waves of the world are all around,drawing me into the abyss. The only thing I feel I can do is wait, trembling at the tide's cold,unfeeling kiss. I've fought the current on my own,have fought with all my might. Grim fear floods my being,I am struggling against my foreboding plight. The icy black pulls me under,the world and its complications. I'm sinking so far below, suffering suffocation. But yet there's a flame burning inside,yelling,screaming "I don't want to die!". Despite the water filling my chest, my every limb struggles for a single breath. My hands reach,as well as my heart,searching for hints of dry land. Suddenly, I feel You near,You take a hold of me,grasping my hand. You pull me from the wintry tides,my face breaking through freezing glass. My whole being gasps in relief,taking in rapturous breath at last. I sit safely within Your vessel,I turn to see You sitting there. A loving Savior,holding me,stroking my cold,drenched hair. Just right then I realize,You've never gone from me. But rather it was foolish I, running far from Thee. Now as You have me in Your arms,I finally,truly see,it is when I am at my lowest You find the strength to carry me.

The author's comments:
I have placed this poem under the nonfiction type of writing, but really I think it can be interpreted as both fiction and nonfiction. I wrote this when I felt like I had no strength left to go through all life had to throw at me,what with all the pressures of daily life. But,while writing this,I discovered that the good thing about feeling so low,is that there is always one person who is willing to look out for you and is making sure you are all right. That person can be labled as the Almighty God,my everlasting Father,and the closest,best friend I've ever had.I've learned to trust in Him always and to go to Him alone when I have no more strength left to keep going;He alone keeps me going stronger everyday.So to all who read this,I hope it touches your heart and your life in the best way possible. Peace,love,and I hope you all like it.

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