I Finally Learned How to Flaunt It

December 19, 2008
By Maggie Werynska, Sterling Heights, MI

I take one more step. My feet fallow me to the bathroom mirror in the morning, my eyes yet not open. When I feel the familiar cold floor against my bare feet, I face forward and open my eyes carefully. My smile starts to widen as I see the reflection I’ve grown used to. I know now, that I can’t get anywhere without loving the body I’m in. It thought me that as long as I accept it, I will accept every other part of me. All the great things I can do, and all my flaws that I need to fix.

I never was one of those girls with a perfect body, and as much as I tried I couldn’t fit into a size double zero. My size was never exposed to listening ears and I tried to find every trick that made me look smaller. I felt like I had to have the good body to be able to do the things that I saw many other girls doing; having a boyfriend, going to many parties and wearing everything the celebrities were. My size five body always seemed to keep me down, not show people the real me and who I can be. I kept to myself most of the time. I wasn’t big, but bigger then girls in my grade. I tried diets, they didn’t work. I took on dancing, and even after being able to know every trick in the book, I never had a dancer’s body.

I grew older but not much changed, except me. I learned that I had to respect the body I was in. That I had to love it for it to show me all I can be. I had a dream of being a writer, but the littlest things put me down. I would write a lot of books for myself but never felt they were good enough for others to see. As my personality changed and I realized that I like who I am and the body I’m in, all I want is for my writing to get exposed. Let the word see me as the talent I have, the many talents I do. Not my flaws, because those I could get rid of with determination. My body is staying exactly where it is, because I don’t consider it a flaw but something beautiful that I will always be grateful for.

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