December 15, 2008
By Matthew Bringuier, Cranford, NJ

The holidays are coming. I have the same dilemma every year, what I want. We are at dinner, and I ask my parents how much they usually spend on me. They replied with a whopping $300. I tell them okay donate that much to cancer research or St. Judes. My father looks at me and says, "Son, charity starts with the home." He says this because i am a diabetic, and is he. He wants to know why I wouldn't give to diabetes research. I simply asked him how many people he knew who died from diabetes. He said no one. I told him i could name two that i loved, and millions whom i do not know who have died from cancer. The first this April, my best friend’s mother, like a second one to me had surcome to breast cancer. Second person, my cousin, barely 60 had cancer of the brain. I asked what about there homes? My best friend's home is a second one to me. Why not start at my second home? Or a complete strangers home? They all matter. What about my cousin’s home? My hearts capacity does not start with my home, so why should it be limited to it? I am not fighting diabetes or battling it or suffering from it. I am controlling it, I have it doesn't have me. For a long time my second mother had cancer and she was in her thirties. My cousin had it for forty years. Now, it has them. They may just be another statistic to most but to me they were and are people. So the charity in my heart goes to them. The people who cancer has the people who cancer took, and for the people that I will not let become another statistic.

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