First Life Lines

December 12, 2008
By Anonymous

Most of my life I have been told how to act, how to behave, how to accomplish tasks, well now that I am a Senior I believe that in order to achieve what you want out of life you need to pay attention to the influential people around you and what they have to say, so of it might be true. The most influential people that I was skewed by were my parents, teachers, actors/actresses, and the media. The younger you are the more you need to rely on these, but some more than others, even though when you are young you feel like you do not need any one’s help, that you can handle it yourself.

As I progressed I learned that in order to complete big responsibilities you may need to finish tiny, meaningless, events first. Just like completing a puzzle; each piece must be fitted perfectly or the big picture will not be what some people may want it to be. Also in other aspects of life, like school where teachers help me to memorize and learn new material that can influence the rest of my life making the years of education learning the probably most important time for absorption of knowledge to flow over vast crevasses of my mind.

I believe that in order to advance in life you need to acquire as much information about basically anything and everything, the more you know the easier life will be because knowledge is power and power makes money. Money makes life easier because money allows for stress relief; you don’t always have to be worrying about spending to much money or not having enough to buy materialistic items, and you can never have to many materialistic items.

Leading to the media and how influential this source of bias information can be. Everything from clothes to cars, they are being forced upon people to a point where you want to say “enough is enough”. So there is a time that comes where you do not want to be influenced any more and try to block the messages that are pressuring you into eventually doing things that you may not want to get done.

In the ending I believe in receiving help and information from others, but not having an obvious directly impact on all your daily decisions or life long choices. It’s like a Rubik’s cube every piece has a place and each piece will determine what needs to happen to get the other pieces in their “right” place. I believe people influence others more than some people believe.

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