World Industries

December 12, 2008
By Tevin Pudelko, Boise, ID

The world used to feel free and un-political,
It used to be a world where the animals would play.
Where the birds would sing, and flutter around,
And the world was just a happy place to be in.
Until the factories came in to the world,
They use the earth as life then they’ll
Drain it away just to a little ball of dirt and sand,
Where the future will cease to exist and the flames
Will engulf the earth and the cities will
Become broken, where the flames will feast upon
Their metal frames, and their clear windows like
How we humans feast upon our many foods.
Factories are the disaster of this once beautiful world,
There used to be deer that used to run through what is now
Called Broadway NY, the deer laughed and played and had
Their sons, and daughters, but now the deer are in certain
Places of the world, small little places that they now live in.
It seems to us humans that the animals we drove out like it
Better where they are now. Truth is, they don’t. They hate it.
The wished they had the cities back and where the could
Roam the whole U.S.A. Someday the laws will be changed
And we could just let the animals roam the earth.

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