Blind, Deaf

November 21, 2008
By Jayde Smith, Boston, MA

I try to accept the theory that there are just some things in this world that are beyond anyone's control. I have morals, and I have drive and I work for everything that I have; after taking the introductory course into psychology this past summer I grew fonder of the idea of being in college, learning to sacrifice and prioritize. My belief is this: every student should take advantage of opportunity. Opportunity is the beginning of what can be a satisfactory ending. I took the opportunity and it widened my mind. One summer can be all it takes to prepare a student, this I know from experience.

Think positive, efficiency always, and learn the distinction between want and need is what every senior in high school should be glad to embrace and they should chant it, respect it, and apply it. The change in the economy, all the political attention, all of it, though very important is turning heads from the world of education; changing students with that very mindset to grow angry, morbid and completely discontent.
Others choose to completely ignore the harsh reality of education. Like that of my peers; majority of students in my school care more for materialistic factors opposed to college life and what it means to grow and develop more as a woman or man. I am under no circumstances looking to bash others or label them less intelligent; but I must express my concern, I do not want to despise the very people I see everyday and hate them because they think differently than me. But I cannot fathom the idea of wasting a great mind.
Contradictory to common belief the institution I attend serves it purpose, and well. The adversity here is a survival tactic; yet another opportunity. This opportunity gives students the grasp of reality. The diverse atmosphere and the careless attitudes teaches you the very first rule when going off into “adulthood” the world was not made to cater to your needs, the world was not made to make you happy, but to supply you with the resources to do so on your own. The real world as we know it is a "dog eats dog" world. Darwin's idea of "survival of the fittest" this exists, whether we confide it in ourselves or not.
We all know that life is not a fairy tale, that happy endings don't always come true and there is no fairy god mother. Wishing, hoping gets you little to nothing, put mind to work and words to audience. That's the way it works. Educating is the one issue of today that people act oblivious to and this, my fellow reader, is an abomination.
What could be more important than giving someone that knowledge, that chance to make a difference? If anything, taking opportunities that enables ones mind to do great things is beneficial to both the student and educator. It looks good for everyone, a win, and win situation.

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