Destined For Love

November 21, 2008
While my mind wonders in many places,
My vision is filled with unfamiliar faces,
But all i say is this is me,
A girl who has her life planned out,
But she knows there's much doubt,
Not knowing where her life will go,
But her dreams are what she likes to show,
The goal she has set in mind,
Are what she's hoping her life will find,
One to love and one to care,
For her life she wants to share,
To her herself and not a fake,
For lies and pain she cannot take,
She is kind and shy too,
Have confidence is all she can do,
Without her friends where would she be,
More than likely on the streets,
The words she writes,
Are filled with pain and joy of her fight,
Her fight to fill her long lost dreams,
And be the woman she's destined to be.

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