A Cause Worth Dying For

August 18, 2008
In my opinion, there is definitely always a cause worth dying, or at least fighting, for. Anyone who thinks that they are more valuable than everybody else is as wrong as the belief of the world being flat. I have a few people that I would die for if they were in any sort of danger. These people are my parents, brothers, and closest friends. If any of them died or got hurt when I could have done anything to prevent it from happening, I probably wouldn't be able to live with the guilt.

If my parents were in any sort of danger, I would do everything possible to save them, even if it meant that I could die. I would take this risk because they would do the same for me. Also, they have nearly given up their own life to make mine as perfect as it can be. They love me and my brothers unconditionally, like a monkey loves its bananas. My parents work very hard to put a roof above my family's head, give us food, and pay for whatever we need and want. Whenever I want a ride somewhere my mom or dad agrees to drive me without complaint. I have a lot of sleepovers with my friends; almost every weekend. When I ask if I can have one at my house, they agree and try very hard to make it fun for everyone. When we wake up in the morning there are cinnamon rolls or pancakes along with fresh fruit waiting on the table for us. All of these examples prove that my parents do a lot to make me happy, and I would do everything I can to protect them in return.

I would also die for my brothers if it would help them. That is because almost every day I am amazed by some of their actions that I would never expect from them. For example, my brother William might give me a present out of the blue, saying he saw it and thought of me, or he would just say something nice when I least expect it. When I don't know how to do something, they will sit down with my when my parents are busy and help me with it, just like my own private tutor that is available anytime. These small acts of kindness show that he loves me, even when he is constantly teasing and tormenting me. Sometimes I think that my brother must have smashed his head on the pavement or something because their actions are so unlike them. It is always a wonder how they put up with the pranks I pull on them, but they do, and I love them for that.

Friends are exceedingly important to me. Sure, they aren't related to me and don't take care of me, but we share secrets, clothes, knowledge, and lastly our friendship. Julia, especially, has been my best friend since before pre-school started, and I can't imagine my life without her. Taking late-night dips in her pool in the summer; the moon shining on the water like a disco ball, glimmering on the choppy surface, sleepovers at her house, and even her never-ending supply of Twix bars are some of the things I'd miss if anything happened to her. My friends and I have millions of hilarious memories that make me laugh randomly in the middle of class when I think of them. If anything were to happen to my best friends, I would be extremely bored, lonely, and guilty, so I would most definitely die to protect them.

As you can see, there is absolutely a cause worth dying for. I would do anything to save the lives of my parents, brothers, and friends, even if I died in the process. Of course, they would miss me like a dog misses its bone after it chewed it to pieces, but at least they would be alive and I wouldn't have to live with the guilt of not doing everything in my power to help them. I believe that everybody has a cause, if not many, that are worth risking your life for.

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