What About the Children?

August 2, 2014
I understand that the current issues are, at the moment, women equality and health care, but what about the future of this nation? Or children equality?

I have done my research on child rights and have experienced first hand, injustice. Are you aware that there are no laws put in place to protect children from mental, verbal, psychological, and emotional abuse? Hundreds of children are sitting in hospitals and doped up on antidepressants due to a form of abuse known as "bullying." Several more have actually ended their lives because of poor self image, lack of support, and feelings of hopelessness due to
harsh mental abuse.

These are children, people! The future of your beloved country, and world even, are plagued with suicidal thoughts and mental issues due to "bullying." Daughters, sons, some even mothers and fathers. While school systems have set up hotlines and designated counselors to deal with bullying reports, America, and many other countries, have offered almost no prevention or help from bullying within the home.

To explain a little further, I have lived with my mother for thirteen out of seventeen years of my life, all of which I was subject to physical and psychological abuse from my step-father. Although the Department of Child Services have investigated the physical abuse and the issues of physical abuse have been resolved as of a year to two years ago, I still am subject to harsh comments, threats, and belittling verbal gestures. I have developed a poor self-esteem, I have to see a life goal counselor to keep my head up, and I have self-harmed. Imagine waking up everyday to someone you're supposed to trust and depend on, constantly reminding you that you're not their real child and that they do not, nor will ever, love you. This type of bullying by grown people can also happen in situations where a child is with both or even no biological parent. It inspires feelings of being unlovable, unwanted, burden like, and as if there is no way out but two options: running away, or the more gruesome, suicide..

Running away is punishable by law, suicide is punishable by God. I know many of my passed friends made the decision to condemn themselves to either or both of those options. There are few believers of the long-term, and severity of verbal or physiological abuse, and there for no help by law for these children. No help by law for the future of America. No help for the future of the world.

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