Stop Existing. Start Living.

August 2, 2014
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Over the past few months I came to realize what I think everyone realizes at a certain time in their lives: we are strong. Strong enough to move on from anything. Six months ago I was heart broken and I thought the little stabs of pain I felt inside my heart were never going to fade away. I was frozen in time. A time when I could only think of how sad I felt and of how miserable I was. But, the truth is time heals every wound. Now, I think back to those desperate times and I feel proud of how much I learnt from them, how much they shaped me. The good and the bad those times brought to me. I started writing. I did a conference to over two hundred people (something I never thought imaginable). I realized how strong everyone is and how we have the power to go through every rough time in our live by staying there, not crossing over the line.

During a big part of this year, I felt like I only existed. I denied the love others tried to give me and I punished myself for that denial. I thought it was my fault that I was miserable. And of course, some of it was, but drowning myself in guilt only pushed me more down into the pit and into the darkness. But, now, I'm living. Now that I realized how every person has a little strength in them that makes them stay sane and go through the dark times. I realized we all have a light at the end of the tunnel. I realized how, if we just get by it, if we are strong enough to stay alive, and I know we are. I know that time will take care of the rest. I cried and I cried. But now I'm good. I felt desperate, even suffocated sometimes. But, from this bad experience I took one of the greatest lessons I could ever ask for: I learnt to live and not to barely exist and that, I'm thankful about.

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