It's Time

May 31, 2014
It seems to be believed that a pretty girl is more valuable than an intelligent one. It seems to be believed that standing at the feet of a man is more important than standing next to one. And it seems that most people think that this is okay.

How can a woman offer her intellectual input when the ways of the world have put her in a sound proof box; constructed of male dominant work forces and illusory superiority. Who is going to break that glass when our tools of free speech and opportunity have been stripped from us? Surely not CEO's, government officials or even the common husband. So who?

We will.

This box will not be broken by tools of man, but shattered by the screams of feminism and equality. The winds of change are going to demolish towers of male power and equal the playing field. This world will go back to the beginning and recreate itself the way it was meant to be.

Women have stood as the foundation as men build pillars on top of us. It is time that this foundation shakes until we can build up the world the right way. Together.

One cannot stand without the other and it is time flowers stop pretending they can bloom without the sun. And the sun pretending it can plant them.

There is not time for using our materials to build cages, but instead using them to construct monuments that kiss the sky.

Change is no longer being asked for, but demanded. The roots of our cause have now penetrated to the core of the earth. You can cut down the tree, but you cannot kill it.

As our branches stretch to every corner of the earth, they will put books in the hands of the hiding and support behind the fighting.

This is a flame that will not be extinguished, but will use the blow on the coals to spark a wildfire.

Take caution, because you can either be the dry plains that burn beneath our words, or you can be the match that helps spread them.

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teentimes said...
Oct. 12, 2016 at 9:37 pm
I completely agree with you. it is already high time that a change is brought. women have been more than usual calm and avoiding these situations but women regularly are challenged and seen as objects that can be watched and judged on. though there has been little change it is not good enough. thankyou for writing this it is true!
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