A Bit of Eternity

November 16, 2008
Grief of you is like a cancer
Scream your name but theres no answer
All we see
Are your closed eyes of reality

This is how you spent your time with me
Your bit of eternity

We insist there is no reason
Hide the fact we dont want to believe in
All of us will be
Proof of serenity

We see you there
in thin air
see your face
in empty space
hear your words
in different worlds

put a mask on a simple truth
then believe that we are soothed
Pull back your eyes
Relieve the cries and learn
How you spent your bit of eternity

We see you here
our thoughts are clear
see your face
want to embrace
hear your words
lonliness blurred
this is how you spent your bit of eternity

We can all move on
even though youre gone
We can all move on
because youre here
We have all of eternity

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