101 Ways to Save The World [Part 1]

November 15, 2008
By Lyndzee Lawver, Fort Stewart, GA

This is going to so basicly a list of about 20 diffrent things that You a person can do to help save the world. The other 81 things will be hopefully published in another instament of this article.
1)Turn off your screen saver.
2)Buy only what you need.
3)Plant a garden.
4)IF possible be a Vegetarin, like me.
5)Get energy effincent appliances.
6)Reduce your trash.
7)Reuse you old items.
8)Recycle ALL of the recycleble items.
9)Accept hand-me-downs.
10)Plant trees! [I have 7 trees in my room that I have grown from acorns]
11)Use reuseable shopping bags.
12)Use last years Halloween costume.
13)Enjoy more sky and less T.V.
14)Dont argue for no reason. TO more you talk the more air you use.
15)Unplug enegy hogs like toasters and convection ovens.
16)Read virtual books so you save paper.
17)Save and reuse mechanical pencils.
18)Adopt an animal from the pound instead of having a pet specialy breed.
19)Adopt a child, if possible.

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