March 27, 2014
By Anonymous

-The moment you start caring about what other people think of you is the moment you stop being yourself-

So, this is honestly a very big problem in society. And it's normal for people to judge & think about you in a judging, hurtful way, while yes, still not being a good thing. While it's also normal for people to care about it, and change because of it, it shouldn't be. And, I think we'd all agree with that. A lot of people care so much about it, that they start changing for the people who will judge them. I did that, I spent so much of my time changing myself, just so someone would agree, with even stupid stuff like what I was wearing. I would literally spend hours being someone I really wasn't, because of that I made friends who weren't real friends. Which again added another load of judgment on me. All those people who judged me so much that I changed myself, won. They got just what they wanted. And how do you feel about that? People will judge you, they want you to change, they may even just want to hurt you, or pick on you. And just ignore them, it is so simple. BE YOURSELF. No one, in the whole entire world can be you. It would be better if no one can change you. And to tell the truth, the only one who can change you, is you. You are the one who chooses to care about what they say, and change. It's not good. Please be yourself guys, your the only one who can.

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