Tourism Is Becoming Increasingly Important as a Source of Revenue

March 27, 2014
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In the 21st century, a considerable number of countries see tourism as a valuable part of their economy. Despite the benefits tourism provides, particularly financial, there are also detrimental effects caused by annual inflow of tourists. Along with environmental issues occurring mostly in touristic countries, social turmoil should be taken into consideration too.
It is a widely known fact, that famous-for-tourism countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, etc. encounter many warnings about the state of their nature. The governments of those, blinded by the rise of Gross Domestic Product, frequently cite touristic irresponsibility as the main root of their problems. They say that the visitors are inclined to lead themselves not attentive toward the garbage left after their holidaymaking. Nevertheless, de facto troublemakers are businesspersons who in seek of additional income try to urbanize places of pristine environment. The outcome of such egoistic intentions are deforestation and pollution which by-turn lead to extinction of species. While the rubbish can be eliminated or recycled, virginal places destroyed are never to be refreshed.

Since the beginning of the 21th century, significance of tourism has risen as well as the social damage it causes. If one pays attention while having holidays in another country, they may notice that more attention is paid to the comfort of visitors rather than to well-being of the indigenous. For instance, in tourist sites, most shops cater to the demands of visitors and predominantly neglect supplement for everyday living. Hence, native people of that region feel themselves miserable. Furthermore, highly developed tourism is the reason for another misfortune of the endemic people. As the most of real estate interests foreign investors, the cost of tangible property increases. This rise at the same time good for the economics of the country and extremely harsh for citizens who cannot afford even a house.

As I see the situation, tourist industry is not easily sustained and may have own disadvantages of a significant scale. In order to tackle them, the government should take solemn actions to provide a prosperous future for its people.

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