Behind the mask

March 27, 2014
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Everyone hides behind a mask. They don’t want you to see the real them. When you call people fake you aren’t really telling the truth. Maybe they have a mask on to protect you from the truth. Maybe they have on a mask to feel good about themselves. Maybe it helps boost their self-esteem but you are too busy to see that. You are too busy pulling that person down and ripping them apart. You are too busy to see that you have a mask on too. You are also too busy to see that you are the fake one. You are fake like society. You try to rip every ones mask off to see the real them. Why don’t you take your mask off to show the world the real you. Don’t be scared of what others think about you. If you are happy with yourself that’s all that matters. Remember that one girl that you teased last week because of her mask. Well that’s the girl who cries herself to sleep. That’s the girl who starves herself because others call her ugly and fat. That’s the girl who is to pretty to see that she is beautiful. That she is not fat or ugly or anything else. We all hide behind a mask so why just pick on one person with a mask on? Why don’t you pick on every body with a mask on? Because you are too busy to criticize that one person. Why don’t you take off the mask and see how pretty you are? Why don’t you take off your mask so you know what it is like to be judged? Behind everyone’s mask is a hurt and sad person. They are hurt because they are always criticized on how they look. They are sad because they think nobody will accept them for who they really are. That’s why we hide behind a mask. Not to be fake but to hide our flaws and our scars. Nobody said being a teenager was easy. Nobody said that you would always be accepted. What if being a teenager was easy. Would you change your ways? What if you would always be accepted? Would you take off the mask? If you want you can keep the mask on. Just remember don’t criticize someone because of their mask because they are trying to be strong and not show you weakness. Behind the mask lies the girl who thinks she is ugly but is too pretty to look at all of the good things about her. Behind the mask lies the girl who cries herself to sleep because she has a bad life at home. Behind the mask lies the girl who is abused and puts on the mask so you won’t see all of her scars. All you will see is the mask and until you can gain her trust she will never take off her mask .If you want someone to take their mask off you have to gain their trust and then maybe they will show you the real them. Or maybe they are way too insecure to show everyone the real and true them. Everyone hides behind a mask…..even you.

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Lo56998 said...
Apr. 9, 2014 at 8:42 am
I hope you all enjoy this article and you can relate to it. Sorry that it is long I had a lot to say about this. 
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