A Different World

November 13, 2008
By Jenna Hofmann, Littleton, CO

Why is there violence in this world? Two kids going to school and shooting scarred my sister’s mind for life. A different man took her off of this planet with violence and scarred my family for life. Man, I miss my sister. I miss those days we would argue. I miss the times she would drive me around in her car listening to rap while I annoyed her by playing “rollercoaster” in the back. The times we would have friends over and play “spy” on each other. I miss the times when we would have sister nights staying up all night and watching “Sister, Sister” on her small TV. I miss everyday with her. If I could I would go back and relive each and everyday with her. I want to go back to those fights. I want to go back to those joyous moments. I just want to go back to when she was here. Why can we not have peace on Earth? I just want to go to a time where there is not anymore violence. I want to go to a place where everybody can live peacefully without having to lock doors. I want a place where people die of old age, not violence. I want to go through life without being worried. I just want a different world.

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