My Opinion Matters

November 13, 2008
By Shauntavius Prince, LEISURE CITY, FL

Everyday teens undergo pressure from peers. Do you ever come to the suggestion that if somone breaks down under the pressure it is there parents fault? If your wondering no i'm not angry at my parents or out to get them for revenge but some parents just don't know. Us kids have the hardest times at school and parents want you to be the best you can be. So you join a few clubs to make them happy and at my school we have 8 classes so I have to find a way to balance this. So you go to school, go to all your sports clubs practice come home tired , hungry, and intolerant of everything. You walk through the door and what do you hear " Oh my, i'm so dissapointed in you, i looked at your report card and there is a C whats the meaning of this?" Inside you just want to scream and shout because they just don't know how hard you try everyday and that is no sign of appreciation. Parents don't realize what they're doing is not helping it's just hurting us , maybe one magical day they will wake up and see thier flaws.

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