The Never Ending Pointlessness

November 12, 2008
Chores are never-ending, one after another practically all day everyday. Messy, annoying, and time consuming sums up what the word chores sounds like to me. I could spend my time doing much more important activities if I didn’t have to clean my room, wash dishes, shovel snow, or do any other trivial chore during the very, very few precious free moments I have during the average day. It almost seems as if you clean something, turn your back on it for less than three seconds, and then it’s a disaster again. What’s the point in cleaning something if it instantly gets filthy again? I don’t know that answer, but I do know that I absolutely detest chores.

To begin with, I cringe at the thought of one chore in particular and that dreadful chore is cleaning my room. Cleaning my room to meet my parents’ standards takes an interminable quantity of time. Sorting through piles and piles of junk is an immensely monotonous process in my opinion. A certain tendency of mine makes cleaning my room take an even more extensive time than necessary. That awful habit I have is procrastinating and results in additional time ensnared in my room and less time out in the real world. In my mind, cleaning my room is the worst possible way I can conjure up for spending my time.

Though not equally as dreadful as cleaning my room washing the dishes is also exceptionally lofty on my “Rather Not Do” list. From the very beginning washing the dishes can be terrible, especially if you turn the water on too hot which may result in an excruciating burn that could possibly last for days on end. The grueling process only gets worse as you scrub off

the grimy and slimy residue that coats nearly every last dish. Another contributor to the horridness of washing the dishes is the fact that your hand must constantly be under the water which causes them to prune almost instantaneously. Washing the dishes is probably the most vulgar chore there is.

The last of my least favorite chores is shoveling the snow which is also the most grueling. Every year my parents promise me that they will buy a snow blower for that winter but the garage still has a bountiful amount of shovels but is still devoid of a snow blower. It takes hours of working to rid the driveway of its icy white blanket. My socks get sodden, my ears turn scarlet, and my teeth chatter like mad for the eternity that I’m out there. It’s the same repetitive task over and over again for what seems like forever. Shoveling the snow is by for the most miserable chore out there.

To conclude, I would like to say that doing chore is a messy, tiring, and dull way to spend the day. Although the aforementioned chores are the ones I absolutely hate the most there are still a plethora of other terrible chores that contribute to my overall hatred of chores. Cleaning all day when you know the mess is going to come back the next day seems unimaginably pointless to me. And even when it all comes down to it at the end of the day I still despise chores.

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