Disney's Lack of Hispanic Princesses

February 15, 2014
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Regressing back into my childhood I remember all the Disney princesses I used to love. Going from Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Pocahontas, Ariel and many more of the beloved tales that Disney used for their animated stories. But it has come to my attention that there never once was a Spanish princess; they have a Native American, Chinese, African American, Scottish and many other fair-skinned princesses, but none of Hispanic culture or ethnicity. I was stunned and could not believe Disney had failed to show any “respect” to Latins/Hispanics. So I decided to see if there was anything I missed -- if there truly was not a Hispanic princess. To my surprise, a name I had never heard of before popped up, a Princess Sofia.

I was astonished, thinking my dreams had been answered, but after seeing the “Hispanic” princess, I was neither enthused nor delighted. I was truly embarrassed that Disney, one of my favorite creators of my hopes and dreams, had done the one thing I wished from them -- wrong. Princess Sofia has auburn to red hair with blue eyes; the most opposite of a Hispanic I had ever seen. I will admit, at first I was utterly upset but after thinking about it, I realized there are fair-skinned Hispanics. My cousin, as a matter of fact is light-skinned but she is mixed, making her only half Hispanic. So I did a little more digging and found Princess Sofia is only half Spanish; her father is from Scandinavia. Her mother is supposed to be from Spain but they made up a fake country and claimed the mother is from this fake area Making Princess Sofia none whatsoever of Hispanic culture or ethnicity. Proving only another downfall that Disney has failed to make a Hispanic Princess.

Disney claims that none of their princesses are from a real area but after watching “The Princess and The Frog,” it clearly showed she was from New Orleans, which is not fictional whatsoever. Hispanics are also upset at the fact that all other nationalities Disney has created so far have made it to the big screen and Princess Sofia will only be shown on TV. Some Hispanics are asking, “Is Disney dissing Hispanics by not giving us the same rights?” and some are arguing the fact that there is a wide scale of lighter-skinned princesses Disney choose to go with the lighter skinned group even though they could see how many dark skinned Hispanics there are. Hispanic children, but until they give people of Hispanic culture the reasons why they choose to go down this path of choosing a lighter skinned Hispanic and not of the real culture and it makes sense, I will continue my disappointment. My only hope now is that Hispanic people will be noticed. It may sound a bit funny to be so wired over a minor issue, but it only takes one person to start a fight for what’s right. My only hope now is that Disney will reconsider and give Hispanics the rights that all other Disney princesses of different nationalities have received.

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