How to Have a Good Appearance in Public

February 13, 2014
Is there a job, college, private school or maybe even something or someplace you’ve really wanted to do or go to, but you never get to do it? Have you ever thought to yourself was it because of my attitude that I didn’t get what I want. Well that’s why I chose this to help people look better in public or have a better reputation within the public. Then you can use this to make yourself better or more admirable.

If you want to appeal to people you have to take some simple steps and check yourself to try to make sure that you look good. Identifying your problem try to figure out what your problem is try to find ways to fix it .Next you really have to stay clean. Staying clean is the number one ruler if you’re a clean person then people will tend to like you more and will want to be around you more. You also need to dress appropriate. Dressing appropriate is good thing to do if you want people to admire you more you have to dress with class.

Another step is to looking Fresh, when I say looking fresh I mean getting a trim up or a fresh hair a not look shaggy. Having a good attitude, when you have a good attitude thing are more likely to go your way. Following directions, if you can follow directions it shows that you can do what you job requires you to do. Make smart decisions, Shows maturity because to shows that you can use common sense to evaluate a bad situation and avoid .Speak properly, speaking properly is a good thing to do because when you speak properly you look for professional and also learning to speak other languages will help you a lot. Respect, to get respect you need to give respect

Being noticed is a good feeling and I feel like everyone should know what it feels like Stay clean. So if you want to appeal to people to you have to follow the steps Identifying your problem dress appropriately look fresh follow directions make smart decision speak properly have a good attitude and have respect. If you have these steps down you are more likely to get what you are going for.

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