October 27, 2008
By Jason Kuo, Culver, IN

“No! You cannot quit on the first day. Come to three more practices and then make your decision!”
I did not know those words would totally change my attitude when I was upset and decided to quit freshman basketball team after my first practice. I was very nervous and felt out of place. On the first day of the three practices I still wanted to quit. On the second day, I played better and felt more comfortable. On the last day, I realized the three days the coach gave me actually represented a transition when I tried to fit into a new and challenging environment. In my junior year, I took A.P. Chemistry, and it was the most challenging course I’ve ever had. Falling behind at the beginning of the course, I wanted to drop this class immediately. Suddenly the coach’s words echoed back and reminded me not to give up and jump into a conclusion so soon. The course was not as difficult as before once I stopped thinking about dropping the class. In the end I earned a B. Freshman basketball was significant because it taught me that giving up is only an excuse, and it can never solve any problems.

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