War in Iraq

October 20, 2008
War. It is a creation of man. Going back in history, throughout history, it has raveged our lives for centuries and centuries to come. Leading from spears and rocks to missiles and guns, war is destroying us, and we must end an important one fast. Before it is too late.

The war in Iraq has become a serious problem. For years it has taken major tolls from us. It has driven us to make difficult choices with dramatic consequences. Every day there is a death we cannot afford.

Ever think about what war is like? Just poke your head out and fire a gun. Simple right? No. Let’s be more detailed. There are harsh arid deserts, heat pounding on your necks, and the fear of being shot by an enemy. The men and women that are fighting have experienced this and more. Deafening shots are made, bullets are everywhere, explosions right on your tail. Seeing all that horror can break a strong soul. There are over 100,000 people out there. We need to make a move fast.

Families of soldiers are hoping for their loved ones to come back. They are but it will take a long time. We should keep the troops in because if we leave now then not only will our families will be at risk, but the families out there in Iraq are too being risked. We will lose all that we have accomplished and we will have to start over again. All the innocent lives we are fighting for will be lost. Also, it will lead to a bigger, bloodier war over the control of Iraq. It will be one of the worst we have seen since WWII.

So in conclusion, if we leave, everything will be lost and a bigger war will happen. Keeping the troops in will help input democracy in the Iraqi government, we can pull our troops out, and it might act as a domino effect and turn other non-democratic countries into democracies.

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