Languages Connect the World

October 30, 2008
By Anonymous

“Uh… I’m sorry, what do you want?” The Wayland student asked.
“Hi, I need to get to my college, it’s around here.” A German exchange student asked the girl in German. The freshman could hear the thunder harden, trees swishing, and when he felt that cold chill crawl up his spine, he saw the flood beginning, he knew he had to find his collage soon. Unfortunately, the Waylander only knew English, so the innocent exchange student was soaking wet by the time he got to a small little cave. Too bad schools don’t provide a diversity of languages!
Most of my friends’ schools offer three languages. French, Spanish, and Latin. However things have changed, now the top three languages spoken across the world are English, Chinese, and Hindi. We should have a variety of languages at schools. Friends of mine complain to me that they want more options. Wouldn’t you like to learn a new language yet also be interested in it? The bad part is that we either find more rooms, fire teachers, study after school, during lunch, or at a study. Most of my friends don’t like Spanish, French, or Latin! So I think we should add a new language!
After my 10th year in Chinese school, I realized that being trilingual is important to me. I know English, Chinese, and I’m in the process of learning Spanish. It’s good to learn a variety of languages because if you’re lost, you can ask for directions.
When I was chatting with my friends, they sent me a link to a story about a girl named Azure. “Azure Warrenfeltz is fluent in Japanese and Spanish. She also can understand bits of French, German, Arabic and Italian, and she soon hopes to learn some Mandarin Chinese. Azure is 4 years old.” I think it would being quite interesting to be like Azure! So young, yet so fluent!” In today's globalized world, Azure is one of many young American children whose parents insist her education include foreign languages.” It’s easier to learn a language at a child’s age rather then in an adult age.
Once I was in Taiwan and went grocery shopping in the city with my mom, I saw a Spanish speaking person, but she didn’t understand the clerk and was pretty darn confused. So I decided to help her and translated Spanish into Mandarin. She thanked me and was grateful that I could speak her language languages.
See, once you learn a common language, you can help the world in many ways! Next time you see a German student, help him out if you can.

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