December 29, 2013
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No wonder how weird parents can seem to teenagers . Some kids are raised by a stepparent , some by grandparents , some by only a mom and some by only a dad . Some are raised by guardian and some by other substitutes . Parents come in all shapes , sizes and colours . They are wrinkled grandmas , necktie – wearing salespeople or entrepreneurs with an office in the basement . They can be blood relatives , adoptive parents , family members by marriage or foster parents. They are the people who buy us food clothing , shelter and the occasional movie ticket . They discipline us , love us and protect us .

Changes in teenagers’ brains and bodies are normal . It is a phase where everyone has to pass , whether it is me or anyone out there . But what about parents ? Do they seem to be more nagging , embarrassing , uninformed beings everyday ? Is it them or is it us ?
A vast majority of teens like me think that or parents “just don’t get” us . Why are parents that way ? This may come as a big surprise , but it’s a little bit about them and a lot about us . The real difference is the way we see them and respond to them . Our perceptions about our parents change pretty quickly !

We argue with them every single day . Don’t we ? Yes , it happens with every teenager out there . But has anyone wondered why we argue so much ? Yeah , because our brain s developing logical reasoning . We need reasons for our parents’ rules; we want to know why our friends act the way they do .

The real challenge in this phase of life is figuring out how to deal with the different parenting styles . We need a plan that allows us to gain independence and figure out who we are but still let our parents do their job for protecting us , loving us and raising us to adulthood .

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