A Brighter Time

December 20, 2013
By ThirdPageMaster PLATINUM, Fort Hood, Texas
ThirdPageMaster PLATINUM, Fort Hood, Texas
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Wishes can come true. But not if you wait for miracles. Miracles are things that we make happen. Here and now.

Remember when life had no worries? No troubles existed? Everything was all sunshine and rainbows? Well you shouldn't be remembering anything because that time never existed. It's a foolish delusion to have some idea that it ever did exist. However, there were times that it could've existed. We had chances at happiness yet we tossed them away because we were scared. We allows our fates and destiny to slip through our fingers like the sands of time. However, there is still hope of a brighter day. If we realize that we shouldn't allow someone else to decide our fate. If we write our own future. If we remember what truly matters most, everything would be alright. And then, and only then, can we remember a bright past.

The author's comments:
This short passage is referring to all the troubles that are occurring in the world and how we have a chance to change things if we have the wish to.

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