October 16, 2008
By ryokoyumi BRONZE, Lansing, Illinois
ryokoyumi BRONZE, Lansing, Illinois
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I walk these streets at night alone
Going to my destination
Going home
I walk these streets of desperation

I try to find the road
I try to look ahead
But my sight has been sold
To those eyes of the dead

I am surrounded by the dark
No way of sight
I have a pain in my heart
Like never-ending fright

I can hear people laughing
Mothers and their kids
All the moments they are cherishing
All the fun things they did

But I can't see this, I don't know why
I can hear them having so much fun
I want to cry
What is it that I've done?

I close my eyes and bow my head
I hear a voice calling to me
"Look at me" they said
I open my eyes and I can see!

And there my mother waits
With an open and caring heart
All the sorrow and pain feels fake
I was truley happy from the start

I don't need to see
I already know
How much you care for me
How much you let it show

I was blind to your care
But now I truley know
Just how much you are willing to share
Now it's my turn to let my love show

You're the best to have let your love have shown
All this time
I never walk these streets at night alone
Because I have you, mother, everywhere i go.

The author's comments:
i wanted to write something that is in everyday life. something that could connect with my readers. me and my mom always argue over little things and i take her for granted sometimes. but, my one friend has no mother. she told me how it's like living without her. so, i wrote this for me to rememnber, always cherish the things clostest to you.

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