Stay with me

October 15, 2008
Stay with me, was all I could say at the time. They said that this would happen, but I never actually believed them. I knew that you were going through some hard times, and so was I. Everything was fine until you got sick, we were happy. Until that day came when you collapsed in the school hallway. I had to leave that day with you because I could not stop thinking about you. They told me that you had melanoma, which in easier terms meant cancer. I knew that that was not a good thing at all. But you said that you could beat this, so I believed you. As the weeks went by you looked like you were improving, but you slowly got worse and worse. Your eyes didn’t have that look in them anymore. They didn’t have that shine in the anymore, like they were losing the fight to the cancer. Everyday I told you to stay with me, just for one more day. Everyday was another miracle. You always stayed with me. You stood strong, and the little pride you had left showed. No matter what you were always positive. You were the strongest out of the strong, a man out of all the men, you were you. But sadly fate was not on our side that year. Around April 12th you were up in the hospital, with the cancer getting worse. Day after day I would come up to see you, or what was left of you that day. Each time you said that you stayed with me another day. Once in awhile I would crawl up in your bed and whisper over and over again “stay with me.” The day finally came when you were no longer able to fight the cancer. I came into the depressing hospital room where you lay on the bed with everyone that loved you surrounding you. You saw me and laughed a small faint laugh. You asked everyone to leave, but me. I crawled up in your bed, where you embraced me. You told me that you had done something wrong. When I asked what you said “I have broken a promise that I can no longer keep while I’m here with you.” I knew what you meant. You had to move on without me. I didn’t want to let you got but I knew it was right. I shouldn’t make you suffer just because I could see you. You could no longer stay with me. I was fine with that, not pleased with it but was okay with it. I laid there with you for the longest hours. Finally the time came when you had to leave me. “I will always stay with you, but you won’t see me.” Was all you said to me. And as I left you I whispered “You will always stay with me, and that I loved you so much. And with that said you let go of me, and I of you. You will always stay with me, and will be my one and only, even if I can’t see you anymore. Hope to make you proud of me. Always stay with me.

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CarolynQ said...
May 27, 2010 at 6:32 pm
Wow.... speechless, This is breath taking :]
mmfdg623 said...
Jun. 11, 2009 at 1:40 am
As I read this, tears came to my eyes. It was an amazing piece of writing.
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