Who I Am

October 15, 2008
By Colleen Fallon, New City, NY

I am Miss Popular
The one boys dream about,
And the one girls dream to be.
I’m the obedient one doing all my chores,
I play the piano,
After I score the winning goal.
That only A goes to me,
All my couture clothes are slimming,
Never considered to be immense or petite.
My only desire world peace,
I couldn’t make a soul feel degraded,
This is who I am.
And then I woke up…
I’m not queen of the school,
My room isn’t clean,
I don’t excel in piano,
My grades aren’t perfect,
I wear sweatpants and sweatshirts,
I am in no way a pageant queen.
I’m happy with the way that I am,
The personality that I hold.
No Miss Popular label is needed,
This is who I am.

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