October 15, 2008
Skiing. Driving hours and hours up to your very own condo; waking up early to beat the crowds; making faces as you see the price of a ticket; watching ‘yard-sale’ crashes as you rise in altitude in the roller-coaster-imitating chairlifts; breathing the crisp, clean air on top of the mountain; getting an adrenaline rush as you slice through the powder; feeling the burn in your muscles as you push the snow side to side; jumping moguls and taking unmarked paths; falling down occasionally; wiggling your toes to keep circulation inside the heavy boots; losing heat; warming up with hot chocolate in the lodge, while casually checking out the boarders; rushing back outside to make the most of your ticket; losing energy while gaining color in your already rosy red face; timing it so that you catch the very last chair going up for that one last run; catching it; finding the secluded path that leads straight back to your condo; getting cozy by the fireplace with blankets and pillows; playing Scrabble with your family. Scrabble is my favorite part.

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