Remembering Columbine: And Learning From It

October 14, 2008
By , Sacramento, CA
I think almost everyone alive in the era remembers Columbine High School. Two students killed so many people, because they felt isolated. A horrible crime committed just before they took their own lives. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like any of it made a bit of difference. Every day since I’ve entered elementary school; kindergarten and pre-school even, someone I know or I have been teased. I’ve felt anger and hurt. I’ve wanted to lash out and get angry and I haven’t even faced the full brunt of what some kids face.

Yet many teachers, school officials, and teachers turn away. Parents and faculty only seem to be concerned when the abuse turns physical, but I can say that emotional abuse hurts just as much. Being ignored by elders and people you trust hurts as well. And as kids make fun of other children no one cares, notices, or bothers to do something about the problem. More and more “Columbines” are created daily. This bullying, abuse, and assault can no longer go unpunished or ignored.

Columbine happened for a reason and no one wants it to happen again. So we need to learn from it and do something to stop it from happening again. Yet until there is some kind of restraint in the classroom or anywhere else really it will keep happening again and again, hopefully we’ll have learned before that time comes.

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