How to Create the Perfect Outfit

October 10, 2008
By Lauren Quam, Wichita, KS

OMG, what is that person thinking wearing that outfit! It looks like they got dressed in the dark! Have you ever seen such a bad outfit that you thought someone had gottem dressed in the dark; well the chances are that thay didn’t get changed in the dark, they’re just really bad at picking our outfits. The steps toward picking our a good outfit are fairly easy because there are not many rules.

When it comes to rules there are quite a few but I’m just going to tell you the essentials.
Never wear more than one pattern with your outfit.
Never wear anything sporty with something formal.
Layers are good but do it with light materials
Never wear more than one hoodie.
Don’t wear white shoes after labor day.
Never wear two different colors of the same shade in one outfit. (E.g. powder blue and azul.)
Fanny packs are a sin!!!
Don’t wear sequins or polyester because they degrade your appearance
If you’re over thirty don’t wear a skirt above your knees. This doesn’t mean that you have the right to wear a skirt down to your ankles!
Stick with the same color palette whilst creating your outfit.

When it comes to the steps of picking your perfect outfit, think of it as a canvas and you are the artist creating a marvelous creation.
First, lay out your basic top this will be your background. Next, pick out your bottoms, I would wear a neutral if your top is a color and if it’s a skirt you may want to add a fun print and use a basic top. Then, pick out a tank to go underneath your top if necessary. Next, select your accessories. When it comes to choosing accessories, have fun with it, but stay in line with the color pallet of your outfit. Finally, pick out your accessories and shoes.

If you followed my rules and you did the steps in the right order your outfit should look fabulous. Remember, appearance is everything when it comes to first impressions and if you look like a potato sack, who wants to talk to you. When you look put together many new doors will open for you.

The author's comments:
Hi, my name is lauren. I enjoy dancing, cheerleading, and hanging with my friends. I love shopping and i hate getting in trouble. I'm very mischevious and energetic. I have lived in many different places including places in Europe and America. My life is an
Airway lol=)

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