I am your Problem

October 10, 2008
I’m leaving the past behind,
While regressing all my pain,
Giving myself reasons,
As to why I’m still sane,
I can easily hold my tears,
But only for so long,
Because every day I wish so much,
That I could just be gone,
Away from all the hurt,
That caused my heart to ache,
And away from all the lies,
That made everything so fake,
I wish I wasn’t so damn angry,
With everyone around me,
Then maybe I would have a chance,
Of finally being happy,
I wish so badly I had someone,
To help me through all this,
Someone who actually gave a damn,
Someone that I could miss,
I hope they know that I love them,
Through the good and the bad,
And I refuse to ever let them see,
The problems that I’ve had,
I’ve torn myself up,
And I’ve torn myself down,
Screaming so loud,
Yet not hearing a sound,
I hope some day they realize,
That I try to do my best,
Then maybe I’ll stop feeling,
Like I’m anything less,
I’m surely not perfect,
And I will never be,
But soon some day I will succeed,
I’ll be the best at what I do,
Praying someday it comes back to you

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