Dont judge a book by it's cover

October 11, 2008
By Candice BRONZE, Desoto, Texas
Candice BRONZE, Desoto, Texas
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"Open your mind never know what youll find"

What do I consider a good friendship? Well I really never thought about it until Sasha came along.

Sasha was the first person I met when I arrived in Colorado. We instantly clicked. She was silly, funny,extremely smart, but most of all she was a geek like (moi).I just knew she was going to become my new best friend.

The moment we stepped foot into the school on our first day I heard the hushed whispers. Everywhere we went girls steered clear of us. Every girl I talked to turned their noses up in disgust like I was the scum of the earth.

"Do you know why everyone is acting so weird around me?" I asked my science partner, Malisa, the only girl who was nice enough to stand two feet near me. "Oh you don't have to be shy around me. I aready know that you and Shasha are lesbian girlfriends." She said. "Im not GAY." "Who told you that lie?" I asked loudly. "Hey that's just what I heard so don't get your panies in a bunch with me." She laughed and walked off.

Why are these bone headed kids judging me and they dont know me? I asked myself. Well, one thing I do know is I'm going to prove to these kids that im not GAY!

For the rest of science, math and history class, I was counting down the seconds, minutes, and hours until lunch. Until I could finally confront Sasha. How could a friend not even tell me she was a gay? "What kind of friend is that?" I asked myself.
I was so determined to get to lunch, I knocked down two people on my way there. "What's up with you?" Sasha asked as I walked up to the table. I looked at her as if she were the most ignorant person on earth.

"What's wrong with me" I asked. "What's wrong with you?" "Why didn't you tell me you're a lesbian?" "Do you know what kind of reputation I have because of you now?" I yelled.

"That's why I didn't tell you. That's exactly the reason." "What?" I asked confused. "All I wanted was a friend someone to talk to, and I was going to tell you, but you know what I realized?, she asked shaking her head you're like everyone else, judgmental." She smiled a sad smile and then walked away.

Lying in bed that night I realized that she was right. People judged me today and this whole week and I didn't like it. So, why did I have the right to judge her? I realized I owed her an apology letter. It took me one hour to finish the letter because I didn't know how to apologize especially after how wrong I was.

The next day I walked up to her locker and stuffed the note inside. "Why are you stuffing a note into Sasha's old locker?" Malisa asked me. "Old?" I asked puzzled. Haven't you heard? Sasha transferred." "Oh." I said looking like I had lost my best friend.I guess it's true you dont realize what you've got until it's gone.

Well ladies and gentlemen I hope you've all learned a valuable lesson, and that lesson is never ever judge a book by it's cover.

The author's comments:
I am very creative and artistic and I would love to be a singer or an author one day.

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